Patents for Businesses

With any launch, you’ve a chance of success. But before you start on that journey, you should think about how to build a moat around your business to protect any advantage you gain over you competitors. Because if you don’t, while you’ll have taken the risks, they’ll get the rewards.

And if there’s no protection in place, there’s no reason for an investor to invest, as there’s no chance of a return.

Intellectual property (IP), and in particular patents, can be a very important part of protection. So, as part of your business plan, you need an intellectual property plan. We can advise you on developing an intellectual property plan that fits with your business plan to maximise your advantage.

Protect your Future

Filing patent and design applications,

and getting them granted

We can draft patent and design applications for you, and we take great pride in shepherding patent and design applications towards grant. We can help you create portfolios of protection in Ireland, Europe, and internationally.


And don’t let your business tools go blunt. Typically, renewal fees must be paid to keep patents, patent applications, and designs alive – we monitor these deadlines and manage these payments for you worldwide so that your rights are ready to use when you need them.

My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people’s.

— Oscar Wilde

Get Commercial information

Most patents get published and there’s a wealth of information there is you go looking for it.

Novelty searches –

is it worth applying for a patent?

It may be worth paying to check if your invention and has already been done before taking on the cost of drafting and filing a patent application. For this, we can commission a novelty search as a sanity check so that you don’t needlessly waste money on beautiful idea that has no legs.

Freedom to operate searches and advice –

is my path to market open?

If production and product launch costs are high, it may be wise to check if a new product is going to infringe someone else’s rights before you bring it to market. That way, you avoid building a factory you can’t use or having a warehouse full of products you can’t sell.  We can advise on freedom to operate searches to minimise this risk.

Patent Landscaping –

where is the best place in the intellectual property landscape to build a intellectual property portfolio?

Before you even begin research into a new product, a landscaping search can give you a feel for where your competitors are concentrating their efforts. It can also help identify where valuable territory has been left unexploited.

Intellectual Property as Property

Your intellectually property is a type of property, so it can be rented out (i.e. licensed), sold, and used to take trespassers (infringers) to court.

Infringement Advice –

is someone trespassing on my (intellectual) property?

Your intellectually property is your property, and if you spot someone on your turf, we can provide opinions and advise on how to enforce your rights. But your competitors may have similar property, and if your accused of being on their turf, we can advise and help improve your position.

Licensing advice –

renting intellectual property.

You can agree a license with a business partner so that they give you a licensee fee for the use of your intellectual property. Similarly, you may wish to use a business partners intellectual property. We can advise on licenses and on enforcing them – including taking care of due diligence to investigate the scope and validity of a party’s intellectual property, liaising with any solicitors or accountants involved, and advising on the agreement. This is of particular importance in technology transfer agreements.

Transferring rights –

buying and Selling intellectual property.

We can advise you on buying and selling intellectual property – including taking care of due diligence to investigate the scope and validity of a party’s intellectual property, liaising with any solicitors or accountants involved, and advising on the contract of sale.

Build Your Own Patent Factory

IP Pipelines

Where appropriate, we can also help you start an IP pipeline. This is a great way for scale ups to identify inventions and decide how to use and protect them to add value.

For example, periodically (e.g. every quarter / six months / year) you should sit down separately with each of your engineering teams and ask them:

– what they’re working on

– what engineering problems are they trying to solve and

– have they solved any of the problems from the last meeting.

If the answer to the last question was yes, then you have an invention that potentially may be worth protecting.  For each invention, ask the inventor(s) to write a paragraph and include a diagram explaining how it works. These descriptions (which in the patent world are called ‘invention disclosures’) should be stored securely as trade secrets behind a password. You should also have a rough idea from the second question (and how many times that particular problem has popped up) how valuable each invention is likely to be.

These descriptions can then be discussed at management level, where they can be ranked in order of commercial importance, and a decision can be made on how to use the most valuable ones and how to use intellectual property to maximise the advantage they provide, depending on cost / benefit. We can help advise on how best to go about getting protection for these inventions, and on the chances of getting granted rights to help in this decision.

And not every commercially important invention is best patented – some are best released into the wild and gifted to the public. But every invention should be kept confidential until you decide how best to use and protect it.

My own business always bores me to death; I prefer other people’s.

— Oscar Wilde
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